$997.00 USD

Schema Discovery Coaching

Schema Discovery Coaching is an excellent place to start. The clarity that comes from knowing your own unique profile of Schemas (eg, your core beliefs), your Coping Styles (eg, behaviours) and your Modes (eg, ‘parts’ of self) can be revolutionary.

Our Schema Discovery Coaching includes the following:

  • A comprehensive battery of self-report questionnaires that assess your schemas, coping styles and modes, family of origin dynamics, and emotion regulation strategies.
  • A 90-minute one-to-one Zoom call (which will be recorded and sent to you afterwards) where we discuss:

    • Your questionnaire results where we explain your pattern of responses and key take-aways;
    • Your personalised formulation of schemas, coping styles and coping modes;
    • Recommendations for further self-development and actionable steps you can take to progress your self-development.
  • PLUS you receive a full year’s membership to The Schema Circle – our online membership program! You’ll get access to everything inside the membership – all the content you’ll need to maximise your personal development goals and the essential tools for schema change and pattern breaking.