Breaking Free from Love-Traps: 

Understanding the Science of Schema Chemistry

Self-Paced Online Course 

Presented by Dr. Gemma Gladstone & Dr. Justine Corry


Understanding the role of schemas in romantic attraction.

Ever wondered why you end up choosing partners that keep you feeling insecure, anxious and not important?

Wondered why you have high sexual chemistry with people who are emotionally unavailable?

Who can't give you the connection and commitment you want and deserve?

Why won't they commit you keep asking yourself? You might even start to think there is something wrong with you...

Or conversely, why you feel smothered in relationships or ambivalent about being connected and having a partner even though you feel lonely and disconnected?

It's frustrating isn't it?


Let us help you understand this problem in a whole different way!

When you can understand how your schemas are influencing who you are attracted to and why, you can start making different decisions when choosing a romantic partner.

Most importantly, these different decisions mean less time-wasting and emotional pain.


Specifically, this course will cover the following:

✔︎  What is Schema Chemistry and what does it feel like?

✔︎  Understanding the lineage & history of the concept

✔︎  An overview of the nature of Schema-driven relationships

✔︎  The role of vulnerable child modes in the activation of schema chemistry

✔︎  Commonly encountered relationship dynamics (i.e., common schema interactions)

✔︎  Help you to understand your relationship and dating history from a schema & schema interaction perspective

✔︎  To reduce the mystery as to why you 'attract' and 'stay with' certain partners and give you a sense of hope and empowerment for being able to change your future relationship path.

✔︎  Give you strategies to help you break your unhelpful, frustrating dating patterns


[approx. $150 AUD]