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A place for women to do the self development they need to find love and connection and have authentic fulfilling relationships.

“We’re here to help you break free from old patterns that no longer serve you, to discover the confidence and wisdom you’ve always had and step into a new phase of your life with self-belief and self-respect.” 


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If you’re a woman who is struggling with abandonment issues, dating & romantic relationships, boundaries, self-sabotage or tricky relationships with parents or friends, then we’re very glad you’ve found us.

We have courses, webinars, online memberships, and more and they have all been designed especially for you. We want to help you break free from self-limiting beliefs and reinvent yourself from the inside out.

Our signature course

The Red Flag Project Dating Course

Learn How To Screen Out 'Assholes' and Date with Self Respect 

This is a short, transformative program for women who want to escape the depressing cycle of dead-end relationships.

In it, we reveal a new way to approach dating, one that will help you identify the ‘red flags’ early, make wiser decisions, break unhelpful patterns and ultimately help you fast-track your journey to love and connection.


We have a huge passion for helping women avoid relationships with emotionally unavailable, controlling or narcissistic partners. Prevention is key and knowledge is power"

Our Story

Live a full life with love and connection


Hi, Justine and Gemma here. We are both clinical psychologists, schema therapists, and dating/relationship coaching with over 20 years of experience. We use schema therapy to help people overcome the psychological and emotional barriers to living their lives fully with love and connection being an important part of that. If you want to know more about schema therapy check out our podcast.

The Red Flag Project has been a 15-year journey for us. It’s a passion-project that has arisen out of our own experiences in love and relationships and in our work with hundreds of women.

Here’s a 10-second summary of our 15-year journey that eventually resulted in the launch of The Red Flag Project and a life-long mission to help other women also find relationships with emotionally available men (NOT assholes).  




In our podcasts, we take an in-depth look at the common issues our clients bring to therapy and offer listeners new ways to think about their own lives and the people around them.

We’re all about helping you break unhelpful life patterns, getting to the crux of the issue and helping you find real solutions.

Some of our favourite topic for discussion include relationships, dating, personality issues, narcissism, coping with the narcissist in your life, parenting, romantic chemistry, love templates, grief & loss issues, self-development and self-empowerment and lots more!

We love Schema Therapy and applying it to every possible issue we can think of.

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10 Characteristics of an Emotionally Available Man

Read about our top 10 characteristics of an emotionally available partner.

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