It’s Not You.

It’s Your Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

Break your negative life patterns once and for all and live your most authentic life.



There’s Always Something That Triggers You.

  • You make one mistake at work and you end up berating yourself. This small thing ruins your day and taints everything you do with self-criticism.

  • You’re at your weekly catch-up with your mother and she nags you about your haircut. You pour yourself a big glass of wine, the alcohol soothing you. You are seething on the inside but you can’t say anything or else she will become the victim.

  • You take on yet another task or project even though you're already at your limit. You do this because saying "no" or setting a boundary doesn't feel like an option for you. 

    What if we told you there was an explanation for it? And no, it’s not because you’re weak, too sensitive or need a cup of concrete to harden up.


"It’s Time You Met Your Schema(s)..

A schema is therapy talk for a deeply held belief that’s formed when your early emotional needs are not met as children or adolescents. These beliefs become deeply engrained, are mostly unconscious, and affect everything – including how you feel, how you think, how you behave and what kind of decisions you make.

So, when you end up saying yes to a date with another unavailable person because the chemistry is off the charts, that’s your schemas talking. Enter, your self-fulfilling prophecy!

But you’re not alone.
We all have schemas influencing us and underpinning our behaviours. That is until we become aware of them and start to break the patterns consciously.

If you’ve ever said to yourself “Why am I in this predicament again? I swore I would never find myself here after the last time…

This is for you.

Break The Pattern. Change Your Life.

Take a look at these common patterns and what happens when you learn how to break them.

Before becoming a


You keep saying yes to dating partners who you have strong sexual chemistry with thinking that’s what you *should* be looking for in a partner.

Ultimately you aren’t treated very well, the relationship doesn’t progress and you fall back into self-doubt and self-criticism thinking “What’s wrong with me?”

After becoming a


You know that your schemas are triggered by emotionally unavailable partners. You’ve learnt not to trust these feelings because they’re a schema.

You learn how to have boundaries without guilt and shame and you choose to end dud relationships early which reinforces your sense of self-respect and confidence.

Before becoming a


You are “tossed around” by other people’s needs and demands because it doesn’t feel “right” to say no to them.

You find yourself reflexively saying yes but then feeling resentful towards the person down the track but when you think of changing your mind, intense guilt arises.

The swing between resentment and guilt is exhausting and may even result in burnout.

After becoming a


You have a clear idea of what’s important to you and how you want to invest your time.

You know how to say no without feeling mean or selfish and can tolerate people not being happy with you.

You feel more competent and effective in your relationships and increasingly find yourself in relationships where your boundaries and emotional needs are respected.

Before becoming a


You strive to always do your best and can’t tolerate the thought of not “perfecting” something.

Underneath the striving, you’re desperately scared of making mistakes. You’re irritable at home and want things done your way.

You prioritise getting through lists rather than spending time with your family.

When you’re stressed you can really damage your relationships because you’re cranky and demanding.

After becoming a


You’re less anxious about making mistakes which means you can stop some of the striving.

You realise that you’ve got a shame problem which is caused by a deep fear of being rejected for not being good enough.

You notice the inner critic inside you and challenge it with insight, self-compassion and a new sense of what’s realistic.

Importantly, you realise you can still be successful without these impossible standards.

Hey! We’re Justine & Gemma.

We are two very passionate schema therapists and coaches who want to help you benefit from what this amazing therapy has to offer.  

For over 20+ years we’ve seen the amazing transformations our clients have made in our brick-and-mortar private practice. And now we want to help more people make more changes for the better. 

Of course we have had to work on our own schemas in the face of our own challenges in life.

We also happen to have our own personal history with each having a narcissistic parent which does give us an innate empathy and insight into the pain of this common life experience. 

Or as we like to call it:

Welcome to being human.

The Schema Circle

The Schema Circle draws on the concepts within Schema Therapy - an effective and transformational therapy developed by Dr Jeffery Young, a psychologist in the U.S. 

The Schema Circle is the first membership program of its kind that shows you how to harness the power of schema therapy to make changes for good.

When you start to heal your schemas, here’s what happens:

  • You’re able to handle, tolerate and transform your negative emotions.
  • You’re authentic and effective in your communication.
  • You learn how to make decisions that take care of your future self while also honouring your needs in the moment. You get the best of both worlds.
  • You finally discover that elusive work-life balance and your relationships are thriving.
  • You live your values.

The result? Healthy Adult Mode.

Your 'Healthy Adult' is the part of you who wants the best for you. That’s what schema therapy is all about.

The best for you.

Here's What’s Included In The Membership

Access to the Know Your Schemas Course

Where each module has been designed to give you the foundational knowledge required to really start healing your schemas and break those life patterns that no longer serve you.

Access to The Deep Dive Library.

Our deep dive masterclasses are essential to helping you develop a strong Healthy Adult mode and begin to heal your schemas. 

Current deep dives available are: 

Dealing with Difficult Parents

Boundaries and Schemas

Triggers: Understanding and coping with schema activations

Transforming Shame to Strength: A key factor in developing a strong Healthy Adult Mode

Healing Your Vulnerable Child (Inner Child)

Schemas and Trauma: Understanding trauma and schema development

Meeting and Transforming Your Inner Critic

3 x Monthly Zoom Coaching Calls

CALL 1Ask us anything where we answer your questions about schemas, schema healing and pattern-breaking each month.

CALL 2: Schema-Skills where we focus on skills building and take you through a new practical tool each month to help you break your schema-driven patterns. 

CALL 3: Schema In Focus where we discuss and explore in-depth, one schema at a time. 

Private Facebook Group

Access to a private Facebook group community where you can interact with other group members and ask questions. We’ll also be popping in to answer questions from time to time.

Safe, Supportive Space

A supportive, non-judgemental space to explore your schemas and pursue your self-development goals. You can engage & ask questions anonymously in the group coaching calls if you wish. 



Handling, tolerating and transforming your negative emotions.

Becoming more authentic and effective in your communication.

Making decisions that take care of your future self while also honouring your needs in the moment.
Your relationships are thriving.

You’re living your values.
You’re living the best version of yourself.

The truest version of yourself.

The Schema Circle will help get you there.

But I Don’t Want To Change My Personality…

Friendly reminder that:

  • You are not your 'anxiety'.
  • You are not your 'people pleasing'.
  • You are not your 'perfectionism' - to the point of being a stressed out mess.

Those are controlled by your schemas. And by challenging them you become an even more authentic, healthier version of you.

Healing your schemas won’t change who you fundamentally are. That person is already there, waiting to emerge.

Welcome To Your Most Authentic Self

Let us introduce you to Sam.

Sam had a really big problem in her romantic relationships. She had been stuck in this painful loop for years...and the loop looked like this:

Sam would choose a partner who was critical and controlling because her schemas meant she always found faults with partners who were kind, caring and available.

After a few months of one-to-one therapy, Sam started avoiding relationship disasters by spotting her old schemas and breaking patterns. 

Enter: a new potential suitor. And things were going surprisingly well.

It wasn’t until the third date when he revealed a critical, contemptuous side of himself that caught Sam off guard.  

Initially, Sam’s old schema popped up, telling her to keep quiet and say nothing. 

Luckily though, Sam had just watched the Deep Dive in the Schema Circle on Boundaries. This gave Sam the confidence to do the opposite of what her schema was telling her to do, so Sam spoke up.

“I don’t like how you spoke to me just then, it was critical and unwarranted.”

Needless to say, this boundary didn’t go down well and Sam ended the relationship there and then. At that moment Sam became a pattern-breaker.

Now, Sam is convinced that if she hadn’t watched the deep dive in The Schema Circle on boundaries, she wouldn’t have felt the confidence to speak up, break the pattern, and heal her schema.

Even though Sam was in between sessions, she still managed to find the information needed to handle this situation in a strong Healthy Adult Mode.

Here's the thing about your schemas. explained by Dr. Carl Jung

"Until you make the unconscious conscious,                             it will direct your life and you will call if fate."

You can only articulate and live your best life when you can fully acknowledge what implicit processes are driving your decision-making beyond your awareness.

This is part of the reason why we love schema therapy so much, It’s such a strong, cohesive framework for making the implicit explicit.

In The Schema Circle we give you knowledge, insights, skills and strategies for change that give you the increased capacity you need to be in your Healthy Adult mode.

Remember, the Healthy Adult is the part of you that wants the best for you.

That’s what The Schema Circle is all about.

The best for you. 

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