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Red Flag Project


 A balanced life doesn’t happen overnight. Get simple steps each week to guide your path to tranquility.

We’re all about helping you break unhelpful life patterns, getting to the crux of the issue and helping you find real solutions.


Some of our favourite topics for discussion include:

  • relationships
  • dating
  • personality issues
  • narcissism
  • coping with the narcissist in your life
  • parenting
  • romantic chemistry
  • love templates
  • grief & loss issues
  • self-development and self-empowerment
  • + lots more!

We love Schema Therapy and applying it to every possible issue we can think of.

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Episode 1: Introducing The Red Flag Project Podcast

Meet the minds behind The Red Flag Project

Hey, we're Justine and Gemma.

We are two very passionate schema therapists and clinical psychologists who want to help people benefit from the wisdom of schema therapy.


For over 20 years we’ve seen the amazing transformations our patients have made in our brick-and-mortar private practice.

We also happen to have our own personal experience with narcissistic parents which does give us an innate empathy and insight into the havoc this type of parent can wreak in your life.

Or as we like to call it... "Welcome to being human".

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