Welcome to The Red Flag Project

A podcast for navigating the world of dating and relationships, schemas and attachment patterns and of course red flags!

We’ll be looking more deeply into why we choose the partners we do and why we often get stuck in what we call love-traps. This podcast is for you if you’ve ever wanted to break unhealthy relationship patterns but didn’t quite know how. We’re your hosts Dr Gemma Gladstone and Dr Justine Corry (Clinical Psychologists, Schema Therapists and Dating/Relationships Coaches) and we look forward to helping you turn confusion and self-doubt into action and self-belief.

Please note: This podcast is for information and entertainment purposes only and is no substitute for professional or relationship advice from a registered therapist. Please seek advice that is tailored to your specific needs from a mental heath or relationship expert.

Please contact us with ideas and questions for the show, we'd love to hear from you.

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