Meet Gemma

Hello & Welcome!  I'm Dr Gemma Gladstone

Schema Therapist, Dating & Relationship Coach. 

BA (Hons); Grad Dip (Psychotherapy); Cert (Clin Hypnosis); PhD. 

Human behaviour and relationship dynamics are my specialty.  I'm a therapist with almost 25 years professional experience helping people overcome psychological barriers.  I enjoy getting the best results for my clients so they can find their voice, be as authentic as possible and ultimately live their best lives without being hampered and held back by their schemas! 

Here's just a little about my background. After my professional training as a psychologist, I began my career in the mental health research field, back in 1995, where I eventually completed a PhD (2001).  Since then, I enjoyed a number of different roles, studied many different types of psychotherapies & interventions and had the privilege of working with hundreds of people seeking help for all manner of personal and relationship issues. I’ve had the great fortune to learn from them and gain a deep appreciation for why we humans do the things we do.

Together with my colleague Justine Corry, I ran The Good Mood Clinic in Sydney for many years (2008 - 2022) – a clinic which specialized in using Schema Therapy, not only to treat mental health issues, but to also enhance relationships and maximize well-being.

Since then, we have been using schema therapy & coaching to create online offerings to reach more people, in the hope that everyone can access and benefit from its insights.    

I was a registered clinical psychologist for many years, but more recently I have pivoted away from focusing on treating mental health conditions, to focusing on helping women thrive and reclaim their true selves, so they can make wise and safe choices in relationships.  

I am deeply passionate about the prevention of intimate partner violence and helping women screen out partners who show early signs of coercive control and other abusive dynamics.  

I'm also an advanced certified schema therapist, trainer and supervisor (ISST) and I enjoy spreading the word about how helpful schema therapy is and how we can all use it to enhance our lives and relationships.  Schema therapy has certainly changed my life for the better and it’s my hope that it can change yours too! 

My areas of expertise include relationship dynamics, dating, personality, narcissism, abandonment issues, people pleasing, narcissistic abuse recovery and improving difficult family dynamics and personality clashes in the workplace.  

If you'd like to get a better sense of my approach, tune into our podcasts (The Good Mood Clinic Podcast and The Red Flag Project).  We have several helpful episodes on schemas, relationships/dating, narcissism, abandonment and more.